20 years ago when the Internet was still in its infancy I was vacationing on Orpheus Island on the Great Barrier Reef. I got chatting to a couple who were also out on the island for a few days. The guy and his wife ran a series of porn websites, each catering to a specific kink. They had over 50 sites and typically added a new one every couple of weeks. Their latest success had been a site showing clips of people’s feet pushing bicycle pedals round & round. That was it; no nudity, nothing overtly sexual, just… pedaling. Another had a person’s hands touching a spaghetti strainer. Each of their sites had between 2,000 and 20,000 subscribers each willing to pay around $10 per month for the privilege of downloading these clips (which at 42kps would have taken about 10 minutes). There truly is a kink out there for everyone.

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