Why “listen to the science” is a fatuous imprecation

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How capitalism has killed millions of people

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How capitalism ended up saving millions of lives

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How each feeds the other so that both may be enhanced

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How a thousand-year-old city seduced me, once more

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How the mass media makes us incapable of rational thought

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Why our inability to understand scale leads us to self-harm

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How releasing ourselves can be the greatest gift

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Why humans will never colonize the solar system

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Figuratively, at least…

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Taxation, but why representation?

Have you ever stopped to wonder why we elect people to “represent” us in the political arena? It really has nothing to do with democracy. After all, Athens had a vibrant democracy more than two thousand five hundred years ago and they had no representatives. Instead, every enfranchised Athenian could represent themselves without recourse to intermediaries.

Allan Milne Lees

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