A great article. As a five-time cofounder/CEO I have to agree that the investment world is riddled with sexism. But also riddled with incompetence, undeserved ego inflation, and in general a lot of time-wasting. Angel investor groups are usually the worst because they love to think they are “players” but rarely if ever invest — and when they do, it’s at a risibly low valuation. I sympathize with your desire to build a real business with real profits, but that’s fabulously unfashionable these days. Better to consume billions chasing a grandiose dream than one minute with an Excel spreadsheet would show to be insane, than to attempt to create real lasting value. These days it’s all about the “greater fool” ladder whereby early investors sell to later fools and therefore don’t have to care about the fact that the fundamental premise is deeply and irredeemably flawed. Musk is the prime exemplar of how to raise billions in order to lose billions, but there are so very many more playing the game nearly as well. Until the music stops, which will happen quite soon now…

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