A great article — thoughtful, balanced, stimulating. My take is far simpler, which is: many people are basically unpleasant, be they male, female, or some other applicable designation. I’ve experienced crap from people in Napoli, Sankt-Piterburg, Cape Town, Boston, London, and Sydney. People are people wherever you go. Some are wonderful, most seem to be sleepwalking through their lives, some are rotten. But today we have a cult of victimhood. Everyone is a victim. The current feminist approach of seeing everything as a product of the patriarchy is no different from a Trump supporter seeing everything as a product of the atheist-baby-eating-liberal-socialist-snowflake conspiracy. It’s no different from the Witchfinder General seeing black magic at work in every hamlet, and no different from any other no-need-to-think-just-reach-for-the-meme knee-jerk conditioning we humans are so susceptible to.

Grownups recognize that in order to change things it’s necessary to identify tangible problems and propose feasible solutions and then work towards implementing those solutions. The Suffragettes had clear goals. They weren’t railing helplessly against an abstraction; they wanted property rights and voting rights and they pursued a course that eventually yielded these outcomes. Raging against an abstraction (“the Patriarchy”) robs us of agency, is in no way goal-directed, and ultimately is merely empty feel-good virtue signaling that accomplishes nothing. And that’s a shame, because there’s a great deal remaining to be done even in the West, which is streets ahead of everywhere else.

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