A nice article that summarizes the decline of the GOP from being a political Party to being merely a theofascist collective. There are a few minor points one can make in addition. The first is that since the Gingrich years Republican politicians have increasingly come from the ranks of the ignorant and simple-minded; hence they are not only locked into a position of “follow-the-mob” but are for the most part of the mob themselves.

Secondly, while overall trends are against them, pandering to the drooling howling mob will remain a viable strategy for decades to come. This is because the simple-minded form a reliable voting bloc that once committed remains committed forever (because it’s too difficult to change one’s mind, especially when one has a very modest mind in the first place) while the opposition is hopelessly fragmented, doesn’t have any grasp of the real dynamics pertaining to the situation, and is busy excoriating its own members for insufficient virtue-signalling.

Just as in the UK, the internal divisions “across the aisle” ensure victory for the populist, because there will always be enough ignorant simple-minded people to form a decent-sized mob firmly behind a mindless slogan and an easy-to-digest sound-bite.

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