A very interesting article, Aidan, but I have to diverge with your analysis. First of all, regardless of how catastrophic Brexit will actually be, Boris the Clown & Co. will blame the EU and no matter how pathetically risible and evidently false such claims are, they will be swallowed hook, line and sinker by the same simple-minded ignorant people who voted for Brexit in the first place. Because the entire Brexit campaign was based on lies, and so more lies will simply reinforce the same xenophobia that drove Brexit in the first place.

Secondly, there is sadly no chance of the UK ever rejoining the European Union. Brexit will, alas, weaken the EU in ways most people can’t foresee and by the time the old & ignorant Brits who voted for Brexit are dead, the EU will be fractured and tottering, if it hasn’t already broken up by then. The very last thing any EU nation will want is to re-engage with the nation that set such events in place.

We’re living through the closing phase of Western civilization, which is why a Prohibition 2.0 can’t occur. Our future will be far, far bleaker. And bearing in mind the horrors of WWII and the endless genocides of post-colonial Africa, that’s an extremely depressing but unfortunately inexorable prognosis.

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