A very pertinent article, Sarah. Brexit was always based on racism and xenophobia, expressed by the lowest orders of UK society: the old, the ignorant, the uneducated who are desperate to find someone, anyone, they can look down on in order to feel slightly less inadequate for a few brief moments. Brexit was a populist vote, and populism is always mindless. Populism is always about grievances, about hatred of others, and when turned into government policy always results in self-harm. The US State of Georgia found the same thing when, a few years back, officials cracked down on migrant field workers, resulting in a near-total loss of the all-important Georgia tomato crop. Brexit Britain will be a nastier, poorer, and infinitely stupider country thanks to Boris the Clown and Farage, two repulsive chancers who realized they could use the stupid and ignorant as a path to power and damn the consequences. The saddest thing of all is that the UK had an opportunity to reject such mindless self-harm at the last general election but instead embraced national suicide overwhelmingly. So now the future is set, and the future for the UK is bleak indeed.

Of course, Boris the Clown will simply blame everything on the EU and the mindless Brexit-voting public will swallow that lie with just as much ease as they swallowed all the other lies, so no one will learn anything at all from what inevitably is coming.

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