Adam, thanks for writing this “insider’s perspective.” I started my professional career using Macs and back then they were clearly superior to any alternative. But that was a long, long time ago. Much of your article seems like a stream-of-consciousness attempt to self-rationalize being stuck within the Apple walled ecosystem — an ecosystem that massively exploits customers. Your assumption that another company would have to grow as large as Apple to offer a viable alternative seems odd. Surely the entire world is using non-Apple products quite satisfactorily, and it’s actually easy to move off Apple entirely? While Air Drop is amusing for moving files from one Mac to another, Dropbox lets you move files from any machine to any machine. Windows PCs use standard physical connectors that cost pennies rather than the wide variety of Apple connectors that are outrageously priced. Modern device screens are just as good as anything coming with a Cupertino logo yet a third of the price on average. And as Android dominates the smartphone market there’s zero reason to be locked into an iPhone at three times the cost of a comparable non-Apple device. So perhaps instead of trying to convince yourself that you’re trapped, you may want to take a look around and see that today, even graphic designers have realized they don’t need to pay two or three times as much for something with a cute logo when they can get an alternative for far less money — money that can be spent on more important things than electronic devices.

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