After more than 30 years of working in a variety of companies I continue to be saddened by how few managers have even the vaguest grasp of productivity and output. As a consequence, the “behind your desk time” and “looking busy” are substituted for meaningful measurements, and everyone suffers as a result. As a 5-time CEO I’ve never cared what team members are doing, nor how long they may take to do it, provided our objectives are met in a reliable manner. I had one programmer year ago who worked entirely from home and was simultaneously working both for us and for another software company operating in an entirely different domain. He gave us about 3 hours per day and about the same to the other company, yet in those 3 hours his output and quality was superior to every other engineer we had (and we’d hired star performers). So everyone benefited, everyone was happy. But as a traditional manager I’d have tried to grind him down & then lost him, because good performers don’t want to work for stupid managers.

Unfortunately we’re still in the era, mostly, of stupid managers.

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