Ah, no. Here’s the deal: human sexual desire resides on a Gaussian distribution. Consequently there will be people for whom sex once a year is perfectly adequate and others for whom sex thrice per day is about right. The idea that there’s one frequency for all of us is beyond risible: it’s actively harmful.

Or just funny-silly, depending on one’s mood.

One last data point: my 2nd marriage lasted 6 years. For all of that time, right up to the last couple of difficult months, we averaged sexual intercourse at least twice per day despite (i) us both having full-time jobs, (ii) two small children to look after, and (iii) me traveling on business frequently. So the average takes into account the times I was away, which means our modal frequency was more than three times per day. And frankly, when we didn’t have to juggle other commitments, we had sex a lot more than that.

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