Alan, I’m sure you’re sincere but it does seem to me (as a much older Allan) that you’ve focused so much on being Politically Correct that you’ve rather missed the point. Criticizing porn videos for not reflecting today’s transient notions of correctness is as meaningful as criticizing Disney cartoons for not showing middle-aged people struggling with mortgage payments and health care bills. It’s true, but irrelevant.

People use porn largely as a way to meet their sexual needs without recourse to anyone else, and for a wide variety of reasons. Sure, some porn does evince rather unhelpful dynamics — but so do many aspects of our lives. And frankly, given the US entertainment industry’s reliance on guns & violence, I’d rather my children watched generic porn than generic Hollywood output if they had to make a forced choice between two evils.

I know we live in a world in which virtue signaling is today’s way of saying, “hey, look at me, I’m a good person” but ultimately it’s as facile and worthless as yesterday’s norms were, even though at the time they too seemed all-encompassing. It’s probably better, instead of merely following whatever ephemeral beliefs are being promulgated right now, to think more carefully about our attitudes regarding matters of importance. Which begins by thinking about which matters are actually of real importance. Given that we’re witnessing the collapse of western civilization, uncontrolled climate change, the denuding of the oceans, and a host of other problems (such as the USA now being officially a totalitarian regime) a bit of virtue-signaling about porn seems rather naive, all things considered. Sort of like arguing which napkins to use at a picnic while people are slaughtering each other nearby.

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