Although a lot of people are worked up over the 2020 election it’s actually meaningless. Trump has demonstrated that the Republican Party will support anyone who can rile 43 million low-IQ voters and mass them into a reliable voting bloc. The GoP has become the Party of authoritarianism, a neo-fascist group addicted to the illusion of power for its own sake. This is not unlike PiS in Poland and Orban & his party in Hungary, and it is identical to Putin and his toy politicians in Russia and Erdogan in Turkey. No Republican politician hoping to cling on to the vestiges of power will ever do anything that could alienate the mindless mob so they will obsequiously serve whoever happens to be the mob’s favorite du jour.

This is not a lesson that can be unlearned, and although Trump is an infantile moron with the self-control of a two-year-old who is incapable of truly capitalizing on the Republican Party’s craven abdication of all civic norms, there’s a far more intelligent and ruthless man out there who’s understood what Trump has unconsciously taught. This man will be the USA’s last elected President, and he will take power within the next 12 years.

The USA is already finished; it’s simply the case that almost no one has realized it yet, least of all the Democratic Party which remains as clueless and as ineffectual as ever.

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