Although the corona virus is a nice media sensation and will undoubtedly improve ad revenues, the reality is that it will impact far fewer people than regular flu season. And, just like regular flu, corona virus fatalities will be limited to the very old, the very sick, and those with suppressed immune systems. Everyone else will hardly notice a thing, except of course the massive media hysteria. The real question is: if companies can permit people to work from home (with, almost certainly, no negative impact on productivity) when faced with a bogus health scare then why don’t more people work from home as a matter of routine? While the corona virus will change nothing, we could save billions of tons of CO² being released into the atmosphere every year if we stopped forcing people to commute to the office.The terrible irony is that people are running around like headless chickens over a non-threat but totally failing to respond to the very real problem of CO² induced climate change.

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