Although the mass media successfully stampeded the world into hysteria over covid-19, the real threat awaiting us is antibiotic resistance. The last new antibiotic was developed over 40 years ago; today several virulent strains of bacteria are totally immune to even antibiotic cocktails. As the US meat and poultry industry stuffs antibiotics into animals as a matter of course (to enable crowded conditions & rapid weight gain) it is only a matter of time before hundreds of thousands of people die from drug-resistant bacteria in the food chain. And as they vomit and defecate, the bacteria will spread…

And because doctors have likewise been handing out antibiotics like candy for fifty years (“yes, we know you have a viral infection, but we’re prescribing antibiotics in just in case…”) this also hugely contributes to the emergence of drug-resistant bacteria to the point where some hospitals have become sources of lethal infection.

This is where we ought to be focusing. But we’re not, because the mass media can’t afford to upset all those large agro companies and pharma companies and food companies that generate so much advertising revenue. Much easier to focus on a largely irrelevant virus instead.

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