Amusing, but... the misinformation simply helps reinforce the current ignorance and needless fear. I know nobody can be bothered to look at the actual data, but repeating gross misconceptions even in a humorous article doesn't really help when the average US citizen is terrified because of media sensationalism. In reality, SARS-CoV2 is such a minor threat that if the media hadn't relentlessly focused on it for the sake of ad revenues, we wouldn't even have noticed. Remember: eight times as many people die every day from smoking-related diseases and we don't notice a thing, simply because the media doesn't sensationalize it. Why reinforce mindless fear when we've already condemned 250 million to death because of our foolish panic? Oh, right, because those 250 million (WHO estimates) are dark-skinned poor people far away and the media isn't covering their plight so we don't have to care. 140 million children who've missed crucial vaccinations against diseases that really are a threat; 110 million starving right now because we shut down global supply chains and destroyed their jobs. But, again, who cares? They aren't white and comfortable like us, so our media-induced fear has no consequences we need to think about.

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