An excellent and balanced article. I’m continually saddened by the way we’ve inculcated a modern “victim culture” wherein everyone robs themselves of agency in even the most trivial situation.

As I grew up in a series of less-than-optimal environments I’ve always prepared for problems well in advance. This means I can pretty much relax, knowing that if something does come up (a big fire nearby, always a risk in California; a break-in while my children are with me; a flat tire; someone injured needing assistance; etc.) I’ll have what I need. I’ve rescued a ton of people when hiking in the wilderness (it’s amazing how utterly clueless people can be) and I’ve provided first aid to injured people after an auto accident, to give just two examples.

Being prepared doesn’t mean being paranoid; it’s just an adult response to acknowledging one’s environment and behaving appropriately. It’s good to read the words of a woman who’s self-empowering rather than believing someone undefined abstract power should solve the problems of the world on her behalf.

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