An excellent and much-needed article. It may also be worth pointing out that as homo sapiens is an omnivorous species we can’t survive without some animal-sourced inputs unless we rely on modern artificially created dietary supplements. Strict vegans who don’t supplement suffer from chronic B12 deficiency (which causes neurological damage); they also tend to be anemic as iron in vegetable matter is chelated and very difficult for the gut to absorb; they also tend to be deficient in iodine, leading to low T3 & T4 causing sluggish metabolism with resultant weight issues, lack of vitality, and potentially skin disorders such as lupus.

Basically, while it’s always lovely to be a fanatic about something, it’s even better to understand basic biological realities and their implications. Sure, the average person should be eating a lot more vegetables, but going strictly vegan is a one-way road to poor health regardless of claims to the contrary.

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