An excellent article. You probably know that in Sweden, people sleep together early (first or at most second date) in order to determine whether it’s worth spending additional time together because if there’s no sexual compatibility then a romantic relationship would be foolish.

For myself, while I was living & dating in the USA, I stayed well clear of women who thought the “third date rule” was clever. I dated to meet interesting people, and had little thought of sex (the USA being too repressed in general) so when sexual compatibility seemed present I just let things take their natural course based on the person I was with. The downside was that from time to time a woman would become very unhappy if by third date time I wasn’t proposing sex.

The most interesting women — the most cultured, most intelligent, most alive — tended to sum up very quickly whether or not they wanted to sleep with me, and I was fine with it either way.

As for the “slut” thing... so American. Sigh…

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