An excellent essay, Stephen. Thanks so much! My parents were British but I’ve been fortunate enough to spend most of my life elsewhere. Brexit is indeed the most contemptible nonsense foisted on the irredeemably stupid and ignorant by the unashamedly cynical and opportunistic. It’s amusing to know that Brexit will take all those Little Englander dreams and grind them into dust, as the UK collapses both economically and socially. Given that the fiasco of the May years gave the Brits a chance to reverse matters, but they voted instead for Boris the Grinning Buffoon, one can’t help but conclude that the Brits of all social classes deserve everything that’s coming to them. One can only hope that despite the collapse of North Sea oil revenues, the Scots will eventually find a way to bypass Spanish opposition and rejoin the EU as a proud, independent, and far less delusional nation.

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