An interesting and well-argued piece, Ayodeji. I would note, however, that it applies to Anglo (US and UK) news. I never consumed any US so-called news during the 27 years I lived in California because it was all, without exception, worthless sensationalism designed solely for the purpose of attracting eyeballs to boost ad revenues. The UK has gone the same way, including the perpetually-confused BBC.

But I do find interest in the world, so I consume European news sources such as France 24, l’Obs, Der Speigel, etc. These more often provide context, are less interested in empty sensationalism, and the TV often features panels of knowledgeable people engaged in serious discussion. For those who don’t speak French or German (or Russian, for I adore looking into the distorting mirror periodically) then The Economist is probably the only worthwhile English-language source of contemporary events.

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