Anyone who imagines for an instant that the USA was “the good guy” during the cold war need only read Legacy of Ashes, compiled from publicly available information, to see the endless imposition of infantile right-wing US policy around the world. The USA was so fixated on the idea of defeating communism that the CIA systematically replaced democratically elected leaders (usually by murdering them) with fascist thugs who proceeded to kill, torture, rape, and mutilate millions of ordinary people and then go on to rule via paramilitary gangs for decades. Meanwhile US citizens were kept ignorant by a mass media willing to say nothing in order to avoid jeopardizing precious ad revenues. While Reagan pretended the USSR was the “evil empire” the reality is that the USSR inflicted its horrors on its own captive population while the USA inflicted far greater horrors on other nations around the globe. Not much has changed since then except the slogans used to excuse the violence: our so-called “war on drugs” and our so-called “war on terror.”

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