Apple is a marketing company, not a technology company, and this shows whenever you look past the glossy surface. As anyone who's developed an app for the iStore knows, there's no concept of 2-phase commit. Which makes billing a problematic activity. Imagine: user downloads an app and is asked to pay (one-time fee or first month subscription). App sends the message to Apple's servers across the wireless network and..... nothing. No confirmation. Did Apple's servers receive the message but the confirmation got lost? Or did the servers never receive the message? No way to tell. No 2PC, nothing. Because the little boys and girls who play at software development within the bowels of Apple Inc. are young and inexperienced and no one provides the guidance necessary to implement properly designed systems. Wherever you look, Apple software is problematic. Sure, Microsoft Office works great on Macintosh computers, but that's because Apple has nothing to do with it.

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