As a European who lived in the USA for 27 years and who has watched the spread of toxic US entertainment across the globe (with predictably dire effects) it seems to me that long before we begin arguing over whether or not to attempt to ban certain types of pornography (because, surely one must first define what one means, as ambiguity would lead to all manner of problems) we ought to be talking about banning the kinds of toxic entertainment that pass for “wholesome family viewing” in the USA. The astonishing prevalence of small arms and routine violence is at least as toxic and harmful to society as any tedious pornographic video. The reinforcement of lowest-common-denominator entertainment ensures that many grow up assuming that low intelligence is not only normal but desirable, and that telenovella-style behavior is to be emulated.

So yes, let’s please have a discussion about the kinds of viewing civilized societies should aspire to, but let’s not imagine that porn is at the top of the list when it comes to the need for urgent reforms.

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