As a five-time CEO and as a consultant who’s worked for several major corporations, I’ve concluded that any organization that uses HR in any form to participate in any way during the recruitment process is not an organization that I wish to work for. This is because HR has no place in the recruitment process. No HR person, and by extension no HRbot, has any meaningful comprehension of the position(s) to be filled. This means they default to proxies in order to attempt to assess candidate suitability. And that in turn means the whole process is a waste of everyone’s time.

In well-structured organizations the hiring manager does the role description and the resume filtering and the candidate interviewing. That’s because (one hopes) the hiring manager has some modest grasp of the requirements. Plus, the hiring manager is the person who will interact with the successful candidate on a daily basis post-hire. It’s no good arguing that this would take up too much of a hiring manager’s time because (a) they’ll need to spend time creating the job description etc, and (b) how much more time is lost when the HR process results in a poorly fitting candidate being given the position?

Devolving a broken process (having HR in the recruitment workstream) by giving it to a bot merely automates a broken process.

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