As a five-time CEO I’ve always endeavored to treat everyone in my companies with equal respect and courtesy, because that’s how I want to be treated also. I’ve had former (female) employees tell me, years later when we’re all in different places doing different things, that I was the only male boss they ever had who didn’t try to sexually harass them. Which is a terrible indictment of male managers in general. I’ve also learned to walk away from any job that leaves me feeling that I don’t want to go into work the next day. Jobs are merely what we do in order to provide the necessary means to enjoy our lives. Without a feeling of well-being, without being able to spend significant time with our families, and without having “down time” in which to relax and regroup, we’re merely hollow shells going through the motions. I’ve seen far too many people at conferences who are dead-eyed; they long ago lost whoever they were in the never-ending pursuit of financial gain. While giving up one’s job is not at all ideal, the harsh reality is that HR exists to cover up corporate abuses and many managers will never suffer any consequences for their atrocious behavior. Thus walking away becomes, in the end, the only viable and healthy option. Even when it feels like we’re walking into penury and homelessness.

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