As a parent myself I concur entirely with your sentiments. Sadly nothing whatsoever will ever change in the USA. The Republican Party is supine and culpable, Hollywood continues to spew out its McSlop for the mind in which guns and violence are permanent go-to tropes, and US citizens in general are too ignorant and complacent to support meaningful restrictions on firearms. The USA long ago normalized violence that every other country in the world considers totally insane.

That is one of the many reasons I’m so happy to be back in Europe after 27 years in the USA, and why I’m so happy both my children are continuing their education in other countries. The gun advocates will continue to vomit up their mindless sound-bite “reasons” why guns are just fine because these people lack the intellectual capacity to do anything more than repeat the brain-dead memes they’ve been fed and have swallowed without ever once thinking about them.

The lies the GoP and the NRA push out on a daily basis are so familiar now that even you repeat one of them — the idea that “white male rage” is in fact anything other than just another piece of misdirection propaganda. If “white male rage” and “mental health” and all the other intentional NRA misdirection was really a phenomenon we’d see a lot more violence in other countries. But in reality, as opposed to NRA fantasy-land, it’s simply the fact that the USA combines an insane approach to weapon ownership with a mass entertainment system that ensures everyone is exposed to horrific levels of violence on a daily basis. Combine those two pernicious facts and you get the USA, a land where 100 people die from gunshot wounds every single day of the year, year in and year out, forever.

I’m really, really glad I no longer have to live there. The USA is, quite literally, a madhouse killing its own citizens daily and it’s never going to stop.

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