As an entrepreneur who spent 27 years around the Valley I have to say I absolutely adore the simple-minded notion that the human body & brain is just like a few lines of code to be “hacked.” It leads to all manner of wonderful stupidities that the most deserving actually inflict upon themselves. Personally I’m only concerned that these schoolboy attempts don’t go sufficiently far. What we really need is the cult of the get-it-done executive who (i) only sleeps for 17 minutes per night, (ii) only consumes Soylent and then purges immediately afterward, (iii) adds CBD to their extra-strong privately grown coffee which is laced with extra-organic ginseng, and (iv) practices hourly self-flagellation with a custom-made Louis Vuitton knotted leather whip into which metal barbs have been laboriously sewn by highly skilled French craftspeople.

Because then, after a few months, we’d see the end of these absurd self-promoting charlatans and perhaps some worthwhile people could take their places.

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