As fatalities per confirmed case result in wide disparities due to a host of non-controllable variables, the only real measure is per capita mortality. We see from this that SARS-CoV2 has a slightly higher mortality rate than flu, but most of this excess has resulted from doctors rushing to place patients in coma and intubating them for artificial ventilation - a procedure known to carry a high risk of death. Recent data indicates strongly that at least 70% and perhaps as much as 80% of fatalities attributed to covid-19 have been a direct consequence of medical practice. Now that doctors are more hesitant to impose this treatment on patients, per capita mortality rates have plummeted. What we see is that cumulative mortality rates in even the hardest-hit nations are well under 0.1% (with an average of 0.063% across the OECD). Furthermore, we now see that mortality rates have declined to near-zero in a great many countries as herd immunity begins to take effect. Sweden, the supposed poster-child of "irresponsible refusal to impose lockdowns" has had zero or near-zero daily fatalities for the last two months, a situation mirrored in Switzerland (no lockdown) and the Netherlands (no lockdown), even as new cases of infection are reported. Furthermore, data from countries that have managed near 100% coverage of testing show that around 90% of those infected never experience any symptoms at all. It's a shame the mass media makes its money from endless sensationalist reportage rather than providing accurate facts that are readily available from WHO, the CDC, and other reliable non-partisan sources.

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