As I wrote elsewhere on Medium a while back, HR is the ultimate non-function. Not only is there no legitimate function for HR (hiring is for managers because they know what they need, legal is for the legal department, etc.) but HR is a huge value-subtracting function. Now we have AI replicating brain-dead HR people, which is hilariously inept.

Basically, any corporation clueless enough to involve their HR department in the hiring process is likely a corporation you simply don’t want to work for. It’s like seeing a morbidly obese child-minder who spends all their time stroking their phone, oblivious of the kids scuttling around pulling each other’s hair and stealing each other’s toys. Anyone utilizing the services of that child-minder is clearly missing a few sandwiches from their picnic basket.

One day we’ll cease having HR departments, but by then you and I will be long dead. Until then, best to use LinkedIn to contact the hiring manager directly and avoid the whole moronic HR process, automated or otherwise.

Remember: HR people are those who didn’t have the intelligence & dedication to work at McSlop…

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