As is the case with so much of what you write, I’m in complete agreement. Erotic talk can range from risque endearments to elaborate fantasies and everything in between. One of my lovers was a married woman who (with her husband’s approval) would visit me two or three nights a month and our sessions became increasingly verbal as we learned more about one another. On one evening she was blindfolded, ball-gagged (she wanted to be truly helpless, without recourse to a safeword, as she trusted me completely by then), and tied firmly to the bed. I was using a combo of ice, melted wax, and a paddle (to remove the wax after it had dried). After about 5 go-arounds she was trembling uncontrollably. I asked her, “Can you take any more?” She shook her head. But I knew, because we’d taken time to reach this level of play, that not only could she take more but that she was exceedingly turned on by the idea of being forced to take more. So I said, “Oh, I think you can. I think you can take at least ten more repeats…” As the hot wax dripped lower and lower over her belly and then finally a small drop touched her clit, she came more explosively than at any previous time in her life. After she came down from her 30-second long orgasm, I untied her so we could cuddle. As we did so, she said, “The most erotic thing I’ve ever heard was your voice telling me I’d have to take more. I nearly came so hard just from that…”

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