As it’s obvious to everyone with more than no functioning neurons that Trump is merely an infantile halfwit, it should also be obvious to everyone that any system of governance that results in someone like him gaining power is clearly unfit for purpose. If Trump were the sole example of incompetence in a representative democracy we could pretend it was an aberration but in fact Trump is merely the latest and most pathetically obvious symptom of a failed system. The USA has had many abjectly incompetent Presidents including within recent memory Baby Bush and Reagan. The UK has had more incompetents than anyone cares to count, and limiting ourselves worldwide to today alone we have Bolsonaro and Erdogan and Putin and Babic and Orban as exemplars. Most of Africa is run by corrupt venal imbeciles, South America is in much the same basket, and Modi in India is showing how Trump-with-an-Indian-accent plays well on the subcontintent.

All these people, and so many more, are in power because we put them there.

In short, we get exemplars of the Dunning-Kruger effect most of the time because we the people are likewise unaware of how stupid and incompetent we are. We lurch from one Great Leader to the next, never learning anything from the outcomes. It’s as if we let people drive into walls over and over and never thought about the idea of asking people to demonstrate minimum competence by passing a test before being permitted to drive. It’s as if we let anyone jump into the cockpit of any commercial aircraft and attempt to fly merely because they were able to convince a few other passengers that they’d make flying great again. It’s as if our hospitals should be filled with people who are there because they think they look great in scrubs and are convinced they’ll be superb neurosurgeons, if only first they can figure out where god put the brain…

We are overdue for a change, but… because we’re all victims of D-K we don’t know it. Catch-22.

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