As people’s bodies come in all shapes & sizes (tall, short, heavy boned, light boned, etc.) the issue isn’t fat: it’s health. It is astonishing that so many focus on irrelevant issues pumped out by Political Correctness (and in no small measure by the large food corporations, which are running the same play the tobacco companies successfully ran for decades in order to protect their profitable markets) when the reality is that obesity is strongly correlated with Type II diabetes, cardiovascular disease, emphysema, various cancers, bone fractures, sore backs, and a wide range of other ailments. If we want to pretend that things have no consequences then we ought to be welcoming the tobacco companies with open arms (hey, no lung cancer, no secondary smoking risk!). In reality of course, the only issue that matters is health. Everything else is misdirection. And for every obese person who manages to run a half-marathon there are hundreds of thousands suffering from one or more of the ailments listed above. So no, the anecdote about that one runner doesn’t count, any more than did the well-publicized anecdote about Aunt Mary who smoked 100 cigarettes a day yet managed to live to 85.

Guess why Kraft et al are so acting in pushing the narrative about fat shaming? Do we really want to incur $1 trillion in annual health care expenditures because of obesity, and tolerate untold human suffering, merely in order to ensure that executives in large food corporations take home their million-dollar bonuses? Because that’s what the narrative of “fat shaming” is actually all about.

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