As representative democracy is hopelessly poor way to govern anything more complex than a hot-dog stall, it seems pointless lambasting the media for contributing to the mess we're in. That said, any society aspiring to rational humane values clearly can't afford a mass media driven by a quest for profits at any cost. Sensationalism gave us Trump, Brexit, and the current mindless hysteria over the relative non-threat of SARS-CoV2 (which data clearly shows is fatal to less than one-tenth of one percent of the population in even the hardest-hit countries). The media will always distort and sensationalize because that's what the great mass of people want. So if you are trying to argue for democracy, the argument is self-defeating. We have democracy. We have the press the demos wants. And those are the reasons we're in this mess. No society can afford to let ignorant foolish people elect incompetent cynical candidates and no society can afford an irresponsible sensationalist media. But that's precisely what we've got because it's what the great mass of people wanted. QED, democracy is a disaster of the first magnitude.

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