As someone who's spent more than a decade researching micronutrients and working with leading researchers around the world, I can only advise readers not to base their diet on any glib article they happen to stumble across on the Internet. In the real world the interplay of biology and micronutrients is very complex, the science is still in the earliest stages, and most research isn't worth the paper it's printed on. Worse yet, many papers fail to take into account the perils of self-reporting, cognitive tests aren't standardized across different studies so we can't compare like with like, and for certain compounds any effect is highly sensitive to dosage. In short, eating a healthy balanced diet is always an excellent idea because the standard US diet is appallingly harmful, but fixating on any small subset of foods is very likely to be sub-optimal. As always: read the research, evaluate it carefully, and then hold only tentative conclusions until such time as there's an overwhelming body of solid science to back up what are too often misleading or erroneous claims.

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