As the evidence is now overwhelming, from many diverse sources (neuroscience, psychology, politics, popular entertainment, etc.) that humans are irrational, biased, and incompetent judges of reality, one cannot but question our absurd attachment to representative democracy: a system that amplifies our follies rather than acts to minimize the harms they cause. While US citizens see only Trump, the rest of us see the tsunami of mindless populism that has swept the globe over the last 5 years: Brexit, Trump, Duterte, Bolsonaro, Babis, Modi et al. As Plato noted more than 2,500 years ago, democracy ultimately always ends in tyranny because such a large percentage of people are so easily duped by blustering demagogues who appeal to our most base and repellent instincts. We should recall that Hitler was democratically elected, and that the Russian mobs embraced Lenin.

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