As we can’t reconcile general relativity with quantum mechanics, it’s clear that our present understandings are incomplete and represent two aspects of a more complete theory. Until we have the more complete theory, running around chasing our tails and deriving ever-more-implausible notions to explain the flaws in incomplete theories would seem to be an odd way to proceed. As trillions of multiverses would be splitting off every nanosecond, this would imply such a plethora of universes (which would each split into trillions of new universes every nanosecond, and those new universes would then split, etc.) and as such seems hardly an economic way to account for discrepancies in our current understanding. Perhaps physicists should cultivate comfort with not knowing, until we have a more adequate theory on which to base more adequate speculation. All we’re doing today is the latter-day version of asking how many angels can dance on the head of a pin, which was not a very good use of anyone’s time.

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