Aside from all the assumptions about technology etc. required to create such an artifact, one obvious problem is that the energy required would be enormous. How, exactly, are we going to convert the mass of Jupiter instantaneously into a burst of radiation? Furthermore, as spacetime warps more severely around a tiny singularity than a larger one, how does anything approach the black hole without (i) being torn apart by extreme tidal forces as it nears the Schwartschild radius, and (ii) avoid being blasted apart by the intense radiation of “hairy” particles being emitted via Hawking radiation?

And even if all these insurmountable problems were magically solved, if we could convert a Jupiter mass into a burst of radiation we’d be unlikely to need to create a mini black hole as a power source in the first place. That’s like imagining using today’s technologies to create a better forge for making chain mail armor.

Seems like a bit too much fi in this sci-fi article and not enough sci.

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