Before my then-wife gave birth to our first child we watched a video called The Business of Childbirth, in which the history of US-based medical interventions was carefully documented. This was in addition to learning a great deal about approaches in Europe, which are less doctor-centric. What we learned was that the vast majority of complications and injuries experienced in US birthing are a direct result of medical practice. Until very recently women were encouraged to give birth on their backs, which is the second-worst possible position (the worst is standing on your head). The US has a 30% C-section rate because doctors induce long before the woman’s body is ready, largely based on their golf plans and a neurotic obsession with the “correct” date even though this has been shown to be wildly inaccurate. In addition, the woman is made tense by the application of various machines and various people wandering in and out, and so birth becomes a trauma. Added to this is the sexual fear that is such a deep pervasive part of US culture. Hence the “flabby vagina” nonsense, which has no physiological basis whatsoever. I am very sorry you suffered under the totally dysfunctional US system, which looks almost intentionally designed to maximize problems and suffering but which in reality is merely the inevitable consequence of ordinary human stupidity.

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