Biden will be a four-year pause in the USA's descent into tyranny. Trump was an infantile moron. The most pertinent comment on Trump's administration was "just imagine what they would have done if they hadn't been so incompetent." Trump accidentally showed that the USA has zero barriers to tyranny and the Republican Party showed it will do anything - absolutely anything - if a "leader" has the mindless drooling howling mob behind him. Out there in the darkness is a much more cunning and self-controlled man than the orange cretin. He's watched and he's learned. He will soon be the USA's last president and first Emperor. It is inescapable. And the 74 million brainless ignorant citizens who voted for Trump will be his vanguard and they will adore him. Hell, they'll proudly wear the armbands he'll provide them with and they will without any reluctance whatsoever ensure the camps and the ovens are filled to bursting. After all, it's what Jesus would have wanted.

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