Boris the Clown Redefines Democracy

His Coup d’Etat is New Democracy, Clown-Style

Boris the Clown, formerly Court Jester to the UK Conservative Party and now Joke In Chief, recently told Emmanuel Macron and Angela Merkel that any attempt to avoid sending Ireland back to The Troubles would be “anti-democratic.”

Boris the Joke knows all about democracy. He’s fixated on crashing out of the EU in a few weeks and taking the UK into the deepest recession since the 1930s, eliminating hundreds of thousands of jobs, causing chaos across the business community, and returning Britain to the dysfunction and poverty of the 1970s. All without having been elected to do so.

Very few of those gullible enough to have voted for Brexit imagined they were voting for this (clever people, of course, did know, which is why clever people voted to remain in the EU). So really there’s no “democratic mandate” or “will of the people” behind this monumentally stupid act of national self-destruction. The gullible Brexit voters were told it would be painless, cost-free, and instantaneously yield an additional UK Pounds 350 million per week for the National Health Service. No one voted for self-immolation.

Boris the Joke was not elected by popular mandate. There was no general election. Nope, out of a population of 67 million, Boris the Joke was elected Prime Minister by fewer than 120,000 totally unrepresentative old white people who think fox hunting is the most important issue Britain faces today.

Boris the Joke believes that “democracy” means suspending Parliament so it can’t block his national suicide scheme. After all, Members of Parliament shouldn’t be permitted to express the concerns their constituents are increasingly expressing as the real cost of Brexit becomes ever-clearer and ever-more-awful. This puts Boris the Joke in the same league as King Charles I and Oliver Cromwell, who both felt that Parliament shouldn’t be permitted to get in the way of their own monomaniac notions.

Boris the Joke is just doing what he’s always done: he’s telling lies, he’s shamelessly perverting the truth, and he’s bringing catastrophe down upon everyone’s heads. He’s happy to do this because he’s lived his entire life in a gilded world of no consequences. Born into wealth, educated at Eton, Boris has leveraged the Old Boys Network faultlessly. No matter how disastrous his performances as journalist or politician, he simply steps out of the ruin he’s caused and grins stupidly at the cameras, knowing this simple formula will make him popular. He knows that when, thanks to him, the UK is burning he can pretend it was all the EU’s fault.

After all, if Brexit supporters were capable of seeing reality, they wouldn’t be Brexit supporters. So Boris continues on his merry way, bringing Trump-style undermining of basic democratic norms to Britain and being cheered for it by the dull-witted Brexit supporters who will let him get away with literally anything, just as Trump supporters will still vote for “their guy” despite all Trump’s crimes and evident incompetence.

Forget about Brexit “returning sovereignty to Parliament.” Boris the Joke is attempting a coup d’etat and chances are, he’ll get away with it. That’s what democracy means today: whatever those in power choose it to mean, even when it’s the precise opposite.

Boris may be a pathetic blustering joke, but the joke is a very bad one indeed. And the joke is on the entire UK.

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