Brooke, you're clearly a communist who hates America. The USA is the greatest country in the world, and learning about other countries just confused you. The USA is the only place in the world where anyone can become a billionaire through hard work alone (and, well, ok, also being born to wealthy and well-connected parents who stake them with a few paltry millions just to get started). Sure, health care is expensive but that's just a great incentive for people not to get sick! I mean, who's going to clean the pool, look after my kids, or clean my houses if the hired help takes an hour or two off to have a tumor removed or a kidney transplanted? That's just so selfish of them! So basically all the things your foreign socialist friends are criticizing are exactly those things that makes our country so great. And anyway, if people don't have jobs then how come they always ask for that outrageously expensive minimum wage instead of being content with leftover food from the supermarket dumpster? The problem with our country is people always want something for nothing. Not like me. I got my accountants to work hard for my $3.2 million rebate. And that's just how it should be.

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