Chris, I’d love to imagine that politics as usual was any kind of solution to the crisis the USA faces, but it’s not. The Democrats’ impeachment was always dead on arrival given the Republican dominance in the Senate, so it was merely a pointless sideshow. As for putting up a candidate against Trump, the Democrats continue to fail to understand that virtue-signaling, policy proposals, and all the normal accoutrements of old-style politics are meaningless now. The only way a Democrat could win the White House in 2020 is by ruthless and unrelenting personal destruction of Trump. This would require brutal daily humiliation and most especially a savage humiliation of Trump during the televised debates (if in fact Trump deigns to turn up, which personally I can’t see happening). Moreover it actually doesn’t matter who wins in 2020 because ultimately Trump has shown that the GoP will always cravenly submit to whoever can carry the mob. Somewhere out there a far more intelligent and self-controlled man has understood what this means, and that man will, in the next dozen years or so, become the very last elected US President. The lesson Trump accidentally taught cannot be unlearned, and the GoP’s focus on power at all costs means that tyranny will come so very easily. In fact, the USA is already 75% of the way there. For some reason the Democrats can’t see what is right in front of their very noses; hence the ridiculousness of the current primaries: the candidates are like a group of old women squabbling over the choice of sandwiches to serve at their next knitting circle while an Abrams tank is crashing through the wall, guns blazing.

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