Clever people always assume that life unfolds because of some set of clever reasons other people are pursuing. In reality, almost all of human history is merely one inane stupid blunder after another, done by clueless people who massively over-estimated their own meager abilities.

Trump doesn’t have a plan; he just blusters and lies and points a stubby little finger and says “whatabout…” The Democrats don’t have a plan either because they think policy matters. We’re far past a time when any policy mattered more than simple-minded sound bites that appeal to atavistic emotions. Trump will win 2020 because although he’s too stupid to know what he’s doing, it’s precisely that weak-minded stupidity that enabled him to lie and bluster in front of a drooling howling mob that is even more stupid and weak and ignorant than he is (which is, frankly, an astonishing accomplishment).

Impeachment in the USA is a toothless watchdog and always has been. It will be no different today, especially as the Republican Party has abdicated all responsibility for the nation in favor of appeasing the mindless mob that adores the infantile orange pustule they put into the White House.

We’re in the closing phase of our accidental experiment with representative democracy and of course it’s never pretty to watch an inadequate system collapse around us. We must hope that some clever people devise a system that is far more fit for purpose once we’ve passed through the inevitable horrors to come.

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