Conversely there are a great many data-driven arguments to be made on the other side of the case. First of all, a great many deaths attributed to SARS-COV-2 are likely the result of underlying conditions (as the Oxford University study of 17,000 UK deaths showed several weeks ago, wherein only about a third of deaths attributed to covid-19 were in fact due primarily to the virus). Secondly, infection rates are undoubtedly higher than reported, but as at least 50% of the population experience zero symptoms (and are, as best as we can tell, non-contagious) and most of the remainder experience mild symptoms, it's clear that SARS-COV-2 isn't really a danger for 99% of the population despite the relentless media sensationalism. Lastly, even your own figures show that the rate of excess deaths over the baseline numbers is trivial. Data from around the world confirms this many times over. The UK, hard-hit, experienced a per capital mortality rate (assuming all deaths were covid-19 induced, which we already know is false) of 0.067%. Meanwhile, pretending that global lockdowns have no costs and that it's worth it to "save" lives is intellectually dishonest. The WHO has released data showing that the global lockdown will probably kill millions more than SARS-COV-2 ever will. 139 million children have gone unvaccinated, leaving them vulnerable to diseases far more lethal than covid-19. Tens of millions are starving in third-world countries. These are merely some of the costs of our mindless rush to panic-induced actions.

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