Daniil, you are absolutely correct in your analysis, but unfortunately it won’t make any difference. Most people lack the capacity to resist groupthink, and few have the cognitive faculties necessary to construct rational arguments from data. Once ordinary people have been told something (anything) by a purported authority figure they will cling to their beliefs regardless of real-world information. This much is well known.

That’s why so many US citizens truly believed through the 1950s and 1960s and 1970s that sheltering under their desks would save them from atomic bomb detonations…. It’s why so many US citizens believe they live in “the greatest country on Earth.” (please, stop laughing at the back…)

Sadly, it’s impossible to reason with people who simply are incapable of reason. So we just have to wait for the mass hysteria to run its natural course, after which no one will learn anything of value whatsoever, and so we’ll do it all again in a few years, albeit for a “totally different” cause.

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