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How GPT programs may soon generate Politically Correct pornography

Allan Milne Lees
3 min readMay 30, 2024
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Anyone who’s used Google’s AI tool for image generation and received an African-American version of George Washington or a Chinese version of Queen Elizabeth I will know that what you get from AI depends on the data sets used to train the model and on the biases of the engineers who tune the parameters of the model.

Given that AI is being developed by folks who regard themselves as “progressive” it’s reasonable to expect that in addition to people using AI to generate marketing emails, project plans, and school essays, AI will also be used to generate pornography. And when it does, it’s reasonable to expect it will reflect the attitudes of those who created the technology rather than the intent of the people looking for racy output. So in the spirit of advanced warning, here’s my prognostication of what we can expect when AI porn begins to spread across the Internet.

“Hello Pat.”
“Hello Frankie.”

The two gender-fluid non-binary people smiled at each other in a non-microaggressive manner, their facial expressions providing reassurance that no assumptions were being made and that appropriate social distance would continue to be maintained.



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