Drew, I’d greatly appreciate it if you could refrain from using facts and reasoning to expose stupid investments. Now that Softbank’s Vision Fund has crashed and they aren’t going to invest $500 million in my idea about growing and roasting coffee beans outside people’s front doors for that perfect fresh-and-better-than-your-Keurig taste (whereby we lose only $800 per cup of coffee sold!), I was planning on raising $500 million for my idea about curing cancer using tea made from secret Chinese herbs. My big fear is that people like you will maybe, just maybe, deter some of the eager and excitable venture folk from pushing each other out of the way in order to write massive cheques for my new venture. So please stand back and let mindless hype do its important work! After all, Elon Musk ought not to be the only person benefiting from the zeitgeist!

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