Ella, you write in a lovely way but unfortunately also in a misleading way that may confuse many non-specialist readers and give them an incorrect impression of your subject matter. For example, Einstein’s equations in no way suggest that “time is an illusion.” Lorenz invariance plus the transformations simply says that different observers relative to a given reference frame will experience time in different ways. Time itself is constant; everyone in the universe experiences local time passing at the speed of light. Time is also a monodirectional phenomenon for reasons that are still not understood, and this alone shows that it is not “an illusion.”

Next up, the universe does not “evolve” in the same sense of the word as with Darwinian theory because there is no natural selection occurring within a universe. A universe is a self-bounded phenomenon. Thus a universe can change over time because of fundamental physical laws but it does not change in order to adapt more fully to its environment, which is the core concept behind the evolution of all living creatures. Using the same word to describe two entirely different phenomenon will simply mislead readers lacking specialist background in the two disciplines of cosmology and evolutionary biology.

There are many more such issues contained in your article, but for the sake of brevity I’ll refrain from enumerating each in turn.

As is always the case we need to be very careful when using words because they can inform but they can also greatly mislead.

I can recommend to readers who may be interested in acquiring some general understanding of cosmology the Stanford Continuing Education lectures by professor Leonard Susskind, all of which are available on YouTube and which provide clear, concise, and non-ambiguous explanations of the various phenomenon touched upon in the article.

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