Enrique, I’m not sure what you’ve been consuming recently but your analysis does seem to have been influenced by some powerful substance. Let’s see: Ford sold many more cars last year than Rolls-Royce! What does this mean? Should RR panic or, maybe not because, oh, yeah… there are many different market segments. Maybe the person buying a Silver Ghost isn’t in the same demographic as the lady acquiring her first Ford Fiesta.

The Apple watch is today’s cheap-ish must-have gadget, just like the early red LED digital watches were the must-have gadget of the 1970s. But they are sold to an entirely different segment of the market than the typical Swiss watch. If you’re looking at the Apple gadget you’re not considering putting down north of $2 million for a Constantine Vacheron Tour d’Ille or even a modest $75,000 for a Patek Philippe.

The point is not absolute number of sales, but defensible market positions. And, let’s see: how many Apple watches would need to be sold to be equal to a single Constantine Vacheron?

So maybe it’s time to lay off whatever substances you’ve been imbibing (or, please, send them to me for, ahem, “testing”) and acquaint yourself with some basic marketing concepts like segmentation and Veblen goods.

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