Every single analysis of Meyers-Briggs has shown it to perform no better than chance when attempting to assess personality type. That’s not surprising because it’s an entirely spurious concept. It has as much validity as the Keeler polygraph and graphology and blood typing and phrenology as a way to assess someone’s personality and by extension (for corporations, who use these bogus tests exhaustively) for types of job.

The funny thing is, because we humans are such simpletons and are so eager for easy-to-grasp ideas, every one of the above tests is still being used by corporations somewhere in the world, except for phrenology. American HR departments and far too many UK firms use M-B, the FBI uses the polygraph even though every single independent study has show it to be utterly useless (they aren’t called “the feebs — e.g . feeble minded- for nothing,” as they say in the Intelligence Community) and the French use handwriting analysis to determine suitability for certain positions, just as the Japanese assign jobs according to blood type.

You’d hope we’d be more intelligent than this, but the sad fact is that all the evidence shows we’re just simpletons who are always so easily gulled.

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